Staging Your Property

Visual appeal matters

Before potential buyers step near a property, they use visual references like videos and virtual tours to picture themselves at the home. Busy buyers start their searches online to the tune of listing after listing, image after image, price after price – and when they finally make the move to see the home, it should look its best.


Here are easy ways to stage all your living spaces for the sale:




  1. Declutter-­ a messy home can turn a potential sale into a disappointment. Remove all loose papers, mail, knickknacks and children’s’ toys. Buyers need to see the home clean and ready for them to move in.
  2. Repaint-­ Invest in a fresh coat of paint. People have varying tastes, so choose a neutral palette that appeals to potential buyers as a blank canvas, ready for the color of their choice. Use pops of color to create a focal point; an accent wall that houses the fireplace would be a great spot for some added pizzazz.
  3. Decorate- Decorate rooms with a purpose so buyers don’t have to guess. An extra room should be designated as an office; the living room should not be multipurpose (put the desk in the spare room: and decorate bedrooms as bedrooms). Arrange furniture to convey where to watch TV, where to eat and where to sleep.
  4. Brighten-­ Lighting is often underestimated. Open curtains to showcase the natural light, desired views and the windows themselves. Change out all light bulbs to ensure the home is cast in the most favorable light.




  1. Exterior-­ a fresh coat of paint will do wonders for your home’s curb appeal. Make sure the windows are clean and take special note of the condition of house numbers or other exposed hardware.
  2. Landscaping-­ Keep your lawn green. A patchy or overgrown yard takes away from the home’s overall appearance, so re-­‐seed and weed where needed, and prune shrubs, bushes and trees.
  3. Garage-­ clean up the garage and put loose items into trays, bins or shelves. Designate the garage as the place to park a car, not as a storage unit.
  4. Patios and decks-­ Declutter, restain and pressure-­‐wash all surface areas, including furniture. Select and decorate areas for eating or lounging so that buyers can see the intended purpose of the outdoor living space.